About Us

ND Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2001 by Dharam Bansal with the aim to provide top quality IT products. ​

Every client is different and have their own specified needs and requirements. We build these requirements on the existing standard framework to result in a high quality product specific to the client. Our expertise is in ERP techonology, customised business solutions and mobile based business applications.

NDM leverages proprietary methodologies, templates and tools, credentials, alliances with strategic software vendors, global capabilities, experienced consultants to provide our clients with the best possible IT solution.

With current employee strength of over 30 employees, NDM has the potential to deliver quality IT system to its clients.

NDM has a few flagship products, one of its flagship products is Cerrebro on demand CRM Solution.

Cerrebro is a cloud-based CRM system that redefines how customers, leads marketing managers and sales executives can be connected to each other seamlessly.

Our CRM objectives are higher percentage of lead converts and customer growth & retention. These objectives are materialised by building a feature strong, dynamic and user friendly CRM system with a heavy focus on emerging technologies.

Field Force Management module ensures that your on field team remained connected to the CRM system by the use of a simple mobile app, reducing their dependence on the back office team. This streamlines field team management and reporting