You will need your login credentials to login. If you have not recieved your login credentials on mail, please contact our customer support. For Web: Please go to www.cerrebro.com. On top left there is a button 'Login'. Once the button is pressed, the user will be redirected to the Cerrebro Portal. Or one can directly open this link https://www.cerrebro.com/Login.aspx For Mobile App: Currently Cerrebro mobile app is only present on Android. Please go to Play Store and search for Cerrebro CRM. Open the app by N.D. Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. and install it
Yes! Both Cerrebro Web and Mobile manuals are available online. Both the manual are available by clicking here
Please check the free storage memory on your device.One should have atleast 250 MB free space on their mobile device for the app to work smoothly.
In Cerrebro system every user has a unique logical access system. Your admin will assign the access rights for you in the system. If a menu option you require is not visible, please contact your admin for the required rights.
Since Cerrebro mobile app operates in offline mode, we sync the local mobile database with the central database every 3 minutes provided internet connection is available on the mobile. In case of poor connectivity, syncing will be done when connection improves. If you are in good internet network for a short duration, please use the sync data option in the mobile menu. This will ensure that the app will send the mobile data to the server at that instant.
No! Cerrebro app only tracks you for the duration your duty is on. Once you switch off your duty, the cerrebro app will stop tracking you
Yes, Cerrebro mobile app will continue to track an executive even in the absence of mobile data.
Yes, the cerebro mobile app works even in the absence of internet data. It saves all the data on the local mobile device and syncs the data with the web server when internet is available.
Cerrebro does not support dual device usage. The app sits offline on your phone and syncs data when intenret is available. We request you to keep a single device for operating Cerrebro. If two devices are used in parallel daily, there are high chances of data loss.
Please use quick job option provided to you on Cerrebro Web to update the details of your meeting. Your manager will be notified that the job has been executed via web.
In cerrebro, your duty can be turned off automatically becasue of 2 reasons:
1. You have turned off location services on your device
2. You have enabled mock locations on your mobile device to fake your GPS location
No, the executive cannot fake his GPS. If the Cerrebo app detects fake location being used it does not allow the user to use the Cerrebro app.
Follow up for a task is to be set by the user while executing the meeting, if during or post the meeting, a follow up action is required. As soon as you set follow up for a task, a meeting will be automatically created on the follow up date set by you. Kindly take action on this follow up meeting, by either executing the meeting, rescheduling or canceling the meeting. Not taking any of mentioned action will result in the meeting being escalated to your seniors.
Expense head / sub head cannot be modified for a expense entry. You can delete the expense and create it again
No! An expense once approved by your manager cannot be modified.


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